If you are experiencing sucidal thoughts and need to speak with someone please call or text Talk Suicide Canada | Text 45645 | Call 1.833.456.4566.

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Welcome to the CMHA Nova Scotia division website.

Canadian Mental Health Association Nova Scotia (CMHA NS) division delivers safe, inclusive evidence-based programs, training and navigation support that Nova Scotians need to be well and stay well. These programs are free to access and available to everyone living in Nova Scotia.

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Donate to CMHA NS and give the gift of hope

Hope — it’s hard to feel well or get well without hope.  Hope represents a path forward.  But for those who are struggling with their mental health, it can be…

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Winter Weather and Mental Health

Studies show that extreme weather changes can negatively affect mental health. During times of extreme cold, people tend to stay inside more and detach from their regular activities. This form…

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Protect your mental health this holiday season

Holiday magic.  Although it’s real for some, the magic can also be a thin veneer, hiding challenging emotions that can come along with the celebrations — in fact, 52% of…

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CMHA NS welcomes the creation of 9-8-8, the three-digit suicide prevention line

PRESS RELEASE: Beginning today, people anywhere in Canada can call and text 9-8-8 if they are thinking about suicide or are worried about someone who is. 9-8-8 is a national…

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