If you are thinking about suicide, or you’re worried about someone else, there is help and there is hope. Call or text 9-8-8 toll free, any time — lines are open 24/7/365. To learn more about 9-8-8 visit their website.

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International Father’s Mental Health Day – June 18, 2018

Bringing Light to Postpartum Depression & PMAD – Webinar – May 2, 8-9 PM (New York)

News Articles

De l’aide existe pour une nouvelle maman qui a des pensées obsessives et incontrôlées à propos de blesser son bébé

Long-term risks and benefits of C-section revealed (2018)

Postpartum depression more common in urban areas: CBC News (2013)

Postpartum OCD is frequently misdiagnosed and misunderstood – but it is treatable

Research Articles

Immigrant women’s experiences of maternity-care services in Canada: a systematic review using a narrative synthesis

Intimate partner violence as a risk factor for postpartum depression among Canadian women in the Maternity Experience Survey

Pregnancy and Women’s Mental Health in Canada: Results from the Canadian Maternity Experiences Survey

The Public’s views of mental health in pregnant and postpartum women: a population-based study

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