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Mental Health Week 2024 celebrates the healing power of compassion

Join us from May 6 to 12 to explore the healing power of compassion and how it connects us all.

Compassion is an innate human quality that all human beings are born with. Everyone is capable of compassion.

Many confuse compassion with empathy. 

Empathy characterizes our ability to imagine ourselves in someone else’s shoes and experience another person’s emotions, while compassion is the desire to help others and ease their suffering through action. 

But this doesn’t mean that your compassionate reserves never deplete.

Life’s natural ups and downs are inevitably punctuated by challenges, which can lead to emotional distress and suffering at times. Sometimes, these experiences can hinder our innate compassion, making it more difficult to offer empathy or kindness.

Fortunately, it’s possible to strengthen your sense of compassion through practice. Whether directed inwardly or outwardly, practicing compassion enhances our mental well-being.

Whether directed inward or outward, practicing compassion enhances our mental health.

About Mental Health Week: From May 6 – 12 CMHA branches and divisions across Canada will recognize Mental Health Week. Mental Health Week is an education and social change campaign that helps promote behaviours and attitudes that foster well-being, support good mental health and create a culture of understanding and acceptance. The theme for Mental Health Week 2024 is Healing through Compassion.

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About CMHA NS Division 

The Canadian Mental Health Association Nova Scotia Division [CMHA NS] supports the resilience, recovery and well-being of people living with a mental illness and those experiencing mental health challenges across the province.

We deliver safe, inclusive evidence-based programs, training and navigation support that helps Nova Scotians be well and stay well. 

These programs are free to access and available to anyone living in Nova Scotia. 

We are also part of a federated charitable organization, which means we are a collective of organizations across the country, bound together by a brand and mission. 


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