If you are experiencing sucidal thoughts and need to speak with someone please call or text Talk Suicide Canada | Text 45645 | Call 1.833.456.4566.

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Our Circle of Support

CMHA Nova Scotia Division supports the resilience, recovery and well-being of people living with a mental illness and those experiencing mental health challenges across the province. Our programs are free to access and available to anyone living in Nova Scotia.

We work to create a better tomorrow — a tomorrow where all people impacted by mental illness can experience hope, recovery and wellness in a world free of stigma.

Those who choose to support CMHA NS understand that ensuring individuals experience good mental health is good for entire communities.

When you make a financial contribution to the Canadian Mental Health Association Nova Scotia Division you help us make that tomorrow a reality.

You help ensure that no individual or family is alone on their mental health journey. You help provide a network of support and resources, both online and in communities across the province.

Those who choose to support CMHA NS understand that ensuring individuals experience good mental health is good for entire communities. Their generosity and unwavering support inspire us every day. To our funders, DIY fundraisers, donors and supporters – thank you.  

Our Funders

Thank you to our funders for your commitment and leadership in bringing awareness and funding to our services and programs. Together, we are working towards better mental health for all Nova Scotians.  

Employee, Community Groups and Corporate Giving 

Work is one place where people come together around the causes most important to them. We deeply appreciate the generosity of employees, teams and companies at the following 


Good mental health is good business.

By partnering with CMHA NS, you signal your support for mental health to all your stakeholders. We can craft a custom partnership plan that aligns with your brand and your business while promoting mental health for all. To find out how your business can work with us to support mental health for all, contact Erin Christie, at [email protected] 

Our DIY Fundraisers

Every year, individuals organize their own events, celebrations or campaigns to raise funds for mental health. This year brought support from these amazing people and organizations.

Each initiative comes with a story, a reason for caring and a commitment to mental health.  

Past DIY Fundraisers


On May 3, 2021, Nova Scotian Dom Dibb launches My Island Run, an awareness campaign and fundraiser that saw him run across PEI in support of CMHA.

Read Dom's Story. Read Dom's Story.


Over the course of her six-month campaign, Betsy Eisner sold 9,530 buttons to Nova Scotians across the province, allocating 50 cents from each $2 button sold to CMHA NS. She raised $10,000.

Read Betsy's Story. Read Betsy's Story.


Devastated by the loss of her close friend Cpl. Alexandra Otis, Catherine De Vaal, a 2nd lieutenant with 14 Wing Greenwood, chose to honour her and raise funds for suicide prevention work by cycling half-way across the country

Read Cat's Story. Read Cat's Story.


In January 2021, Kelly DeGiobbi launched Games for Mental Health, an online block draw fundraiser in memory of her best friend’s son, Brady, 19, who died by suicide in November. 

Read Kelly's Story. Read Kelly's Story.


Supporting mental health is near and dear to musician Micheal Dalton. Each Christmas he holds a special holiday concert to raise funds and awareness for CMHA NS.

Read Michael's Story. Read Michael's Story.

Do these stories inspire you?

Your unique fundraising efforts will help to promote mental health, and support the resilience and recovery of 1 in 4 Nova Scotians who are affected by mental illness. We deeply appreciate every donation!

If you would like to fundraise for the CMHA NS, please contact Erin Christie, Provincial Lead, Communications and Community Engagement at erin.c[email protected] to let us know what you have planned.


Facebook’s ability to turn personal posts into a direct fundraiser brought us tons of support. Want to turn your special day into a way to support mental health?

See more at www.facebook.com/CMHANOVASCOTIADIVISION

Thank you to all our donors and supporters!

Each donation is an act of care.

As a not-for-profit charitable organization, we rely on the generosity of those who give what they can, those who donate monthly, those who dedicate their birthdays and side hustles to raise money for us and those who make the ultimate gift through estate planning.

In 2022, 212 individuals gave to our organization. Their generosity fuels our fight for mental health as a human right. Their stories inspire us and bring help and hope.


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