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Living with a Mental Illness

What do you think of when you hear that someone is experiencing a mental illness? Some people feel concern, fear, or confusion.

Some even avoid those who experience mental illnesses.

But mental illnesses are just like any other illness, most can be managed with support and treatment.

Mental illness and Stigma

Mental illness has a long history of being stigmatized in societies around the globe.

Research has shown that stigma is one of the leading risk factors contributing to poor mental health outcomes. Stigma leads to delays in treatment. It also reduces the chances that a person with mental illness will receive appropriate and adequate care.

As the organization that leads the provincial conversation about mental health and mental illness, we believe it is critical to embed the voices, knowledge and insight of Nova Scotians who live with mental illness and who are closely connected to someone who lives with a mental illness in our work.

One way we do this is through storytelling.

Storytelling supports mental health and reduces stigma.

Our stories make us human. They’re how we pass down information and connect with one another.
While we don’t all share the same experiences, we do know that education is critical to reducing stigma.

To support Nova Scotians who want to share their mental health journey, foster better understanding of the experience of living with a mental illness and reduce stigma, CMHA NS Division has created a platform for Nova Scotians to share their mental health journeys and connect with one another.

Thank you to those who have chosen to share their insights through this platform.

Living with Bipolar Disorder: Julie’ Story

Living with Borderline Personality Disorder: Beth’s Story


Contact Erin Christie, Provincial Lead, Communications and Community Engagement, at [email protected]

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