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CMHA Mental Health Week

From May 1 – 7 the Canadian Mental Health Association Nova Scotia Division recognizes Mental Health Week, an annual awareness and advocacy campaign that focuses on mental health.

Under this years’ theme, My Story, CMHA  branches and divisions across Canada will highlight community-based mental health care champions and programs  while showcasing the importance of securing universal mental health care, what it can look like and how mental health care can be expressed and nurtured (ie art, photos, music, sounds, dance, movement, nature etc).

About this theme: Collectively and individually, we have multiple layers and stories that make us who we are and while each year 1 in 5 Canadians experience a mental illness or mental health issue, 5 in 5 of us – that’s all people – have mental health. We all have different, yet equally valuable stories which can be used to share one key message: universal mental health care is important and needed now! Learn more about our advocacy work.

How you can participate in Mental Health Week

We encourage you to share your story by using hashtag #MyStory & #MentalHealthWeek to shine a light on your personal journey, a program you offer, how your community supports the mental health of others etc.

Branded assets and a CMHA toolkit, will be available soon to support your storytelling.





May 01 - 07 2023


6:00 am - 12:00 am
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