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CMHA NS proud to partner with Holly Carr on Story Trails Project

Portapique will soon be home to a unique project that allows Nova Scotians of all ages to experience the power of storytelling while enjoying the wonders of nature.

In Spring of 2024, Nova Scotia artist and author Holly Carr and the Canadian Mental Health Association Nova Scotia Division will launch the Story Trails Project.

The Project, which is a collaboration between Carr, CMHA NS Division, CMHA Colchester East-Hants and the Portapique Community Build Up, was created in late 2020 to foster hope, resilience, and connection in the community of Portapique in the wake of tragedy.

A unique intersection between art, nature and mental wellness, the Holly Carr Story Trails Project involves attaching laminated pages from Carr’s book, “The Comfort Tree” to wooden stakes and installing them around the Portapique Community Centre to create an interactive experience that generates safe discussion around the topics of fear, anxiety and hope.

The book, written especially for this project, delivers a timely and vital message, a beautiful reminder to readers of all ages that even in times of darkness, there is light and hope.

For more information or to get involved please reach out to Karn Nichols, Executive Director, Canadian Mental Health Association, Nova Scotia Division at [email protected]

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