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CMHA NS and partners launch Newcomers Peer Support Group

Settling into a new home in a new country can be lonely. Having a support group can help!

Newcomers based in the Yarmouth area are invited to join the Newcomers Peer Support Group. Led by Livinus Numfor and Elizabeth Zavala Nunez, this peer support group offers an opportunity to connect, support each other, share stories, discuss strategies for solving problems and reflect on their experiences.


Where: The Newcomers Peer Support Group meets IN PERSON at the NSCC Burridge campus at 372 Pleasant Street in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

When: 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. every other Thursday two weeks until June, 2024,

Bring your friends and families.

The group is designed to help participants:

The Newcomers Peer Support group is proudly supported by The Canadian Mental Health Association Nova Scotia Division, the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia, Southwest Employment Services, YReach and the Nova Scotia Health Authority.

To register, contact Livinus Numfor at [email protected] or Elizabeth Zaval Nunez at [email protected].

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