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Changing Minds

Changing Minds is a comprehensive, easy to understand, interactive workshop designed to help members of the public understand mental illness, its impact and how to better support a person living with a mental illness.

Launched in 2005, this workshop uses evidence-based approaches to teach better communication skills to help understand and respect those who have a mental illness.

The foundation of Changing Minds is built on first-person perspectives of those with lived experience of mental illness. Changing Minds’ delivery format was revised and the program relaunched in 2015; the program has since been delivered to hundreds of people.

This workshop is typically delivered over two days, in person, by two certified Changing Minds trainers. It was created in order to address a community need for mental health education, stigma reduction and to promote a better understanding of mental health and mental illness.

What you will learn:

Why is this program so effective?

In understanding an individual who has a mental illness we must first understand the illness, the impact of the illness on the individual, their family and their “fit” within their communities.

Who should take this workshop?

Changing Minds is for anyone and is open to all Nova Scotians. This workshop is a helpful tool for those who are supporting someone who lives with a mental illness, have someone in their life who lives with a mental illness or anyone who wants to increase their understanding of mental health and mental illness.

If you have questions about upcoming Changing Minds workshops please contact contact our Education and Training Team at [email protected]

If you have questions about this workshop please contact our Education and Training Team at [email protected]

Changing Minds Course Outline

Module 1 – Understanding Mental Health and Mental Illness
Goal – To introduce the concepts of mental health and mental illness and explore our
response to mental illness.
Module 2 – Living with a Diagnosis
Goal – To increase our ability to understand and relate to a person who has been diagnosed
with a mental illness.
Module 3 – Understanding Depression
Goal – To understand major depression and barriers to sensitive communication.
Module 4 – Understanding Anxiety
Goal – To recognize the effect of fear and anxiety in mental illness and develop the ability
to respond to people’s needs for safety.
Module 5 – Understanding Psychosis
Goal – To learn to relate to someone who is temporarily experiencing a different reality.
Module 6 – Understanding Mania and Mood Swings
Goal – To understand the impact of mood swings on a person’s relationships and
Module 7 – Understanding Complex Mental Health Problems
Goal – To understand how people develop extreme coping mechanisms in order to express
their needs.
Module 8 – Understanding Addictions & Using Our Skills
Goal – To review and practice what we have learned.

We are able to offer Changing Minds for free thanks to the generosity of our funder, the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia.

As a non-profit, non-government organization CMHA NS relies on grant funding and donations to deliver community-based mental health programs, free of cost to anyone who needs them. Those who choose to support CMHA NS understand that ensuring individuals experience good mental health is good for entire communities. If you would like to help us keep these programs barrier free, there are many ways for you to donate.

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Donate by Mail: To make a donation by mail, please send a cheque payable to Canadian Mental Health Association, Nova Scotia Division at Suite 201, 3-644 Portland Street, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B2W 6C4. Donations made to CMHA NS Division will be used for the area of greatest need. You are always welcome to contact us with any questions at [email protected]

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