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Whether you’re looking for employment or employees, At Work can help!

Having a job is not only possible for people living with a mental illness, it also can be a key component to maintaining good mental health and to recovery.  

The CMHA NS At Work program helps Nova Scotians living with a mental illness who are unemployed or under-employed obtain competitive employment by connecting them to workplaces that match their strengths, skills, and needs to build resilience and bring experienced employees to workplaces.  

Working alongside both employers and clients, the At Work team develops an achievable action plan that supports mental wellness to ensure success. 

No diagnosis is required to access this program. 

At Work is a national program delivered by the Canadian Mental Health Association in communities across Canada, including Nova Scotia.

This free program is available to any Nova Scotian over the age of sixteen who is:

Mental illness shouldn’t be a barrier to employment.

For Clients:

For Employers:

Our approach: Supports through At Work|Au travail are based on the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) model, a recognized industry best practice for employment support of individuals experiencing mental illness. IPS includes eight core principles:

Background: People with mental illness can, should and often need to work. The social costs of the unemployment and underemployment of people living with mental illness are incalculable: deteriorated health, additional health care costs, financial struggle for families, among many others. Additionally, work gives a source of purpose and allows us to contribute to our families and society. Sustained employment is an incredibly important factor for recovery.

To learn more, contact:

Tracy Hiltz, Provincial Lead At Work program, CMHA NS Division at [email protected] or by phone, at 902.517.2430

Download our brochure HERE


“After facing several obstacles re-integrating into the workforce after receiving treatment, I was finally able to focus on healing and hope. My enrolment into the [At Work] program was a steppingstone to stability. It helped me find my confidence and a career that allows me to thrive.”  – Former At Work Client

“The process of finding employment is a very isolating, anxiety inducing, and uncertain process. The At Work program provides a unique and necessary service to individuals living with mental illness in overcoming barriers to employment.” – At Work Client

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