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Mothers’ Mental Health Toolkit

The Mothers’ Mental Health Toolkit was born out of a novel partnership between the IWK Reproductive Mental Health Service and Family Resource Centres. Mothers’ Mental Health matters to the development of strong children and healthy communities. The Toolkit was not developed for self-help use by mothers. It isn’t comprehensive mental illness education or a treatment manual and is not intended as a replacement for needed mental health assessment or service. However, community support providers can be the first point of contact for a mother struggling with a mental health problem and we hoped to equip them with an approach and some tools specific to their roles in supporting parenting generally at the neighborhood level.

Maternal Mental Health Alliance

Mums and Babies in Mind tools and resources – The tools found on the website have been developed by the Mums and Babies in Mind team for leaders working in perinatal mental health including: maternity services and GPs, commissioning, health visiting, midwifery, FNP, specialist perinatal mental health services, community and children’s services, adult mental health services, CAMHS and third sector.

Ontario Prenatal Education Key Messages for Ontario

This evidence-based online tool identifies universal key messages for service providers in Ontario to share with their clients related to preconception, prenatal, postpartum and newborn health, as well as the supporting evidence for each of these key messages.

Perinatal Mental Health Toolkit (Royal College of General Practitioners UK)

This toolkit is a set of relevant tools to assist members of the primary care team to deliver the highest quality care to women with mental health problems in the perinatal period. As well as offering a diverse collection of resources, the Perinatal Mental Health Toolkit gives details of additional learning for individual practitioners as well as resources specifically aimed at women and their families.

Prevention of Gestational and Neonatal Exposure to Tobacco Smoke (Pregnets)

The PREGNETS toolkit has been developed for health care providers, educators and researchers and provides the essential components to address smoking cessation and reduction among pregnant and postpartum women. The PREGNETS team has reviewed existing resources and summarized some key components. Simple tools were also developed to help deliver the interventions easily and effectively.

Winnipeg Perinatal MH Toolkit

This Perinatal Mental Health Toolkit is a resource developed primarily for the purpose of supporting the practice of Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Public Health Nurses in their work with perinatal women and families.

Circle Of Life
A guide to emotional health in pregnancy and early motherhood for Aboriginal women and their families.

Returning to the workplace

A psychological toolkit for heading back to work

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