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Baby Building Club – Sydney, Nova Scotia
A prenatal experience for expectant moms, this program is offered in a group setting. Expectant moms have the opportunity to talk with other moms and/or staff and share experiences along the nine-month journey into parenthood. Participant driven, group sessions are facilitated by both Family Place and Public Health Services staff in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality. Supplements are available to the moms that participate in this program as a means to increase their ability to access nutritionally sound food during their pregnancy.

Chebucto Family Centre: A Service of the Home of the Guardian Angel
Located at 3 Sylvia Avenue, Chebucto Family Centre provides free services and supports to families and community members. These include but are not limited to: advocacy and support, health and wellness programs, prenatal and parenting classes, our Volunteer Doula Program, youth programming and operating as a Family Home Day Care Agency. Individuals who self-identify as belonging to the following are eligible for free volunteer Doula supports: Individuals under the age of 25, individuals who are single, individuals who are newcomers to Canada within the past 5 years, individuals who are full-time students, individuals who identify as LGBTQ and non-binary, individuals who identify as low-income.

Community Mental Health and Addictions: IWK (for children up to 19)
Three Community Mental Health and Addictions (CMHA) clinics, located in Halifax, Sackville and Dartmouth, help kids and teens up to 19 years of age, and their families, who are experiencing all types of mental health and addictions difficulties.

Community Mental Health and Addiction Services: NS Health Authority (adults over 19)
Community Mental Health (CMH) helps individuals manage and improve their mental health illness and well-being. The CMH team is made up of health care professionals including occupational therapists, social workers, registered nurses, psychologists and psychiatrists. They work together to access and recommend the most appropriate support.

Dartmouth Family Centre
Dartmouth Family Centre is a non-profit organization providing preventative programs and services to support and strengthen families and residents in the neighborhood of Dartmouth North.

E’pit Nuji Ilmuet Prenatal Program under Community Action Plan for Children and Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program – Truro, Nova Scotia (PHAC)
Breastfeeding, Nutrition consultation/education & Prenatal Nutrition and Pre/postnatal information/support

Family SOS
Family SOS is a local non-profit, child-centered organization directed toward building strong and healthy families.

The goal of the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) program is to support pregnant First Nations women and families with infants and young children, who live on reserve, to reach their fullest developmental and lifetime potential. Program clients: all pregnant women and new parents, with long term support for those families who require additional services.

Healthy Babies, Healthy Families: Postpartum & Postnatal Guidelines
As part of their commitment to supporting women, infants, and families, Nova Scotia health professionals identified the need for a standardized approach to postpartum, post-discharge care. In response to this need, Healthy Babies, Healthy Families: Postpartum & Postnatal Guidelines was developed to facilitate a smooth transition from hospital to home and to ensure that health care professionals can provide optimal care following birth.

How to Feed Your Baby with Infant Formula: Government of Nova Scotia (2015)
Developed for parents who have made an informed decision to feed their baby with infant formula, either using formula alone or in combination with breast milk. This guideline tells you what you need to know to feed your baby as safely as possible.

IWK Health Centre – Reproductive Mental Health (RMH) Services
Reproductive Mental Health Services helps women with mental health concerns while they are under reproductive care—before, during, or following a pregnancy. Reproductive Mental Health addresses new or returning problems related to moods, thinking, and functioning. While our main focus is pregnant women and mothers in the first year after a birth, we also see women with depression, anxiety, previous trauma or assault, miscarriages, other losses or grief, high-risk pregnancies, and other major adjustment difficulties.

IWK Health Centre – Women’s & Newborn Health: Having a Baby
Within this directory, you will find services that are provided to expectant mothers and those who have pregnancy complications. You will also find helpful information about planning for your stay, admitting and specific services, resources and educational programs for expectant mothers.

Mothers’ Mental Health Toolkit
The Mothers’ Mental Health Toolkit was born out of a novel partnership between the IWK Reproductive Mental Health Service and Family Resource Centres. This collection of resources is intended to support those who work with vulnerable mothers and families. The project aimed to enhance mental health literacy for support providers, provide a guide for the promotion of mental wellness for mothers and promote practices that build resiliency and a strong network of community supports.

Nova Scotia Doula Association
The NSDA cultivates the growth of individual doulas and the collective profession, thereby increasing the quality of prenatal, birth and postpartum support given to women and their families in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Health Authority: Support for New Parents
Pregnancy is an important time to gain knowledge and skills for a healthy pregnancy, birth and adjustment to parenthood. Public Health offers a number of programs and supports to help Nova Scotians at the beginning, during pregnancy and throughout parenthood.

Nova Scotia Health Authority: Maternal and Child Health Services
Maternal and Child Health Services provides health care and social resources to mothers, their newborn babies and children and young people.

Postpartum Depression : Nova Scotia : eMentalHealth.ca
Information, find help and support and see external links

Pregnancy and Diabetes Guidelines: Approaches to Practice (2014)
This resource is intended to provide health care providers with comprehensive guidelines for the management of pregnancy complicated by diabetes, from the preconception to the postpartum period for women with pre-existing diabetes (type 1 or type 2) or gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM).

Read to Me
Read to Me is a non-profit, province-wide early reading promotion program. We provide FREE books and reading resources, to the family of every baby born in Nova Scotia.

Reproductive Care Program of Nova Scotia
Working with Nova Scotia hospital and community-based health professionals to promote excellence in reproductive, perinatal and newborn health.

Sipekne’katik Health Centre (Indian Brook)
The Maternal Child Health (MCH): This program offers home visits and support to all pregnant women and families with young children 0-6 years. The vision for this voluntary program is for all children to reach their fullest developmental potential. The Maternal Child Health Home Visitor is available to visit with families and can visit on a weekly basis to provide the Growing the Great Kids Curriculum if requested. The Community Health Nurse provides developmental screening, case management and referrals for all ages to other services within and outside the community.

What Does a Social Worker Do?

ThoughtCo is a learning website platform. This link provides information on Social Workers and the following questions;

How to Become a Social Worker

The Balance Careers is a website that provides insights for potential careers. Check out the link above to learn more about how to become a Social Worker.

Find a Masters in Social Work

Social work degrees are somewhat unique in that they often correlate to a level of allowable professional practice. This website offers a quick breakdown and resources to help you get your Masters in Social Work.

Online MSW Programs

This website is a comprehensive directory of accredited online MSW programs. The link above describes the best online Master of Social Work (MSW) programs that are CSWE accredited.

Top Eight Characteristics of Successful Social Worker

Looking to become a great Social Worker? Check out the link above to see what characteristics it takes to become a great one!

BitFocus – 3 Principles for Effective Social Work Case Management

As an individual working in social work case management, you strive to have a positive impact on the community around you. You serve as a catalyst to better lifestyles for each of your clients. However, your job isn’t easy. Click the link above for 3 principles for effective case management!

KVC Health Systems – 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Social Workers

Social work is by no means an easy field to work in, but the job is extremely rewarding and full of meaning. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about social workers

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