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Pacific Post Partum Support Society
Pacific Post Partum Support Society has been supporting mothers and their families experiencing postpartum/perinatal distress, depression and anxiety for over 45 years.

British Columbia

Alberta Health Services: Pregnancy, Labour and Delivery, and Post-Pregnancy Care Team
Women have many choices when it comes to pregnancy, how and where they are going to deliver their baby, and how they are going to care for their baby. To support the various options and circumstances, different types of care providers are available to support women, their babies, and their families. See list of supports.

First Nations Health Authority: Women, men, children and families
The First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) is the first province-wide health authority of its kind in Canada. Their vision is to transform the health and well-being of BC’s First Nations and Aboriginal people by dramatically changing healthcare for the better. Services are largely focused on health promotion and disease prevention. Click the link for resources for women, men, children and families.

Perinatal Services BC
Perinatal Services BC (PSBC) provides leadership, support, and coordination for the strategic planning of perinatal services in British Columbia and is the central source in the province for evidence-based perinatal information.


Winnipeg Regional Health Authority: Mental Health Promotion
Perinatal & Postpartum Resources for Health-care Professionals, Websites for Service Providers and Public, Self-Management Tools, Best Practice Guidelines for Perinatal Mental Health, Multicultural Resources and
Self-Care Resources.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick Perinatal Health Program
The New Brunswick Perinatal Health Program is a provincial program working directly with all health care providers in the province to promote excellence in the provision of perinatal care. The program will assume a leadership role, striving to implement Canadian perinatal health practices standards across the province, participating in the quality improvement initiatives, and responding to the education and professional needs of care providers across the province. The program will foster the networking of key stakeholders, including clinicians, administrators, information specialists, researchers and others.

Healthy Families, Healthy Babies Program
The two Regional Health Authorities provide the Healthy Families, Healthy Babies program. Healthy Families, Healthy Babies program offers prenatal services that foster healthy pregnancy, and postnatal services that promote the healthy development of children from birth to age 2 years. Among the services included are screening, home visiting, provision of nutritional supplements and referral.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Perinatal Program Newfoundland Labrador
Perinatal Program Newfoundland Labrador (PPNL):


BORN Ontario
BORN is Ontario’s pregnancy, birth and childhood registry and network. By collecting, interpreting, sharing and rigorously protecting critical data about each birth in the province, BORN makes a positive and lasting contribution to the health of mothers, newborns, children and the citizens of Ontario.

Ontario Prenatal Education
This evidence-based online tool identifies universal key messages for service providers in Ontario to share with their clients related to preconception, prenatal, postpartum and newborn health, as well as the supporting evidence for each of these key messages.

Prince Edward Island

PEI Reproductive Care Program
The Reproductive Care Program provides information to support fetal, maternal, newborn, and family health during the prenatal and postnatal periods. The program is also responsible for the provincial perinatal database.


Saskatchewan Prevention Institute
The Saskatchewan Prevention Institute is committed to working collaboratively to promote primary prevention throughout the province. We share evidence-based information through print and web-based resources. We provide education and training on all of our areas of focus. We collaborate to help communities work towards primary prevention of identified needs. Content experts and consumers of our information and training are involved to help us expand our programming.


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