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Resilient Minds™ is dedicated to building resilient fire teams and services – to educate, empower and equip fire fighters with the skills and resources to grow and maintain psychological wellness. CMHA believes in inspiring fire fighters to recognize and respond to psychological injuries and trauma in the workplace, promoting a shift to a supportive, mentally fit culture.

Innovative and Evidence-Informed – Resilient Minds™ is an evidence-based, peer-to-peer skills development program designed by and for fire fighters using the latest literature on resilience, trauma-informed practices and stress-related/occupational psychological injuries.

Fire Fighters Train Fire Fighters – Using a peer-to-peer model of instruction, the Resilient Minds curriculum is taught by fire fighters to fire fighters.

Volunteer and Career Fire Fighters – Resilient Minds™ is the only training program designed to train both career and volunteer fire fighters and takes into consideration the differences in experience and resources available to the two groups.

Resilient Minds will increase the ability to: 

Resilient Minds™ has supported thousands of fire fighters across Canada to develop strategies to mitigate and better manage occupational stress resulting in informed and healthier teams.

Resilient Minds™ is the only training program designed to equip career, volunteer and wildland fire fighters, considering the need for differences in experience and resources available between the groups. According to the National Fire and Paramedic Association (NFPA), more than 80% of Canada’s fire fighters are volunteer-based, with significant less access to training and development opportunities afforded to career fire fighters.

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The Canadian Mental Health Association Nova Scotia Division is committed to supporting fire fighters in a way that is specific to their occupational stressors.

Interested in bringing the Resilient Minds program to your department?

Contact: Elizabeth Baker, Provincial Lead Education and Training, CMHA NS Division

Email: [email protected] | Phone at 782.777.0196 

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