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November is Men’s Health Month



November is Men’s Health Month. 

The Canadian Mental Health Association Nova Scotia Division is proud to join organizations around the globe in recognizing this annual initiative to normalize conversations about mental health and reduce the stigma that often prevents men from reaching out and getting help when they need it.
Around 10% of Canadian men experience significant mental health challenges in their life and approximately one million struggle with major depression each year. (Source: Homewood Health).

Men are often socialized not to talk about their emotions, and may mask their stress and deal with emotional pain through harmful behaviours and actions instead of seeking help. (Ogrodnickzuk & Oliffe, 2011).

Through peer support, CMHA NS offers a safe sounding board for men and those who identify as male, across the province.

Keith Anderson leads CMHA NS’s Men’s Peer Support Group, a virtual weekly meeting where participants are encouraged to share stories, talk about any challenges they may be facing and gain insight by connecting with others.

“Too many men continue to feel isolated, a sense of being alone consumes them,” Anderson says.

“They think it’s a sign of weakness to acknowledge these struggles. In fact, it is a sign of strength to reach out for support. Their lives can become healthier and full of hope.”

He says men are more likely to describe their mental health concerns as physical symptoms such as headaches or chronic pain, which diagnostic tools tend to ignore. This link between signs of mental health issues and physical symptoms is often unrecognized and lead to more challenges.

“Men often downplay their symptoms as a result of societal pressure and existing stigma,” Anderson adds.

But “I’m fine” can only get someone so far.

We need to talk openly about mental health.
Silence isn’t a safe or healthy option for the men in our lives.

To help you start conversations about mental health CMHA NS is highlighting resources and sharing information that can help those who identify as male access meaningful help and resources to support their mental health. To view these resources, visit our Find Help page and check out the links below.

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For more resources, visit our Find Help page


CMHA NS Division offers programs and resources that connect those who identify as men with the right support, and equip them with the confidence and skills to reach out when it’s most needed.

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