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Preventing Suicide in the Military


Military Suicide Prevention Toolkit. Centre for Suicide Prevention (2014).

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and war-related stress 

Support to Military Families in Transition

This review examines the role of families and the challenges they face during transition. It identifies existing sources of support and analyzes information gathered from recent reports, policies, and interviews with key Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) stakeholders. Lastly, it reviews the challenges and recommendations presented in recent reports and provides an overview of the actions taken. 

Mental Health Pocket Guide – CAFconnection

This guide is designed to help military families access important information and timely mental health support services in their local communities. If you are part of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) community (CAF member, spouse/partner, parent, sibling or child of a serving, releasing or recently retired CAF member) or a partner agency supporting the military and Veteran community, then this quick guide is for you! 



2018 Report on Suicide Mortality in the Canadian Armed Forces (1995 to 2017) 

Suicide is a tragedy and an important public health concern. Suicide prevention is a top priority for the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). In order to better understand suicide in the CAF and refine ongoing suicide prevention efforts, the Directorate of Force Health Protection (DFHP) and the Directorate of Mental Health (DMH) regularly conduct analyses to examine suicide rates and the relationship between suicide, deployment and other potential suicide risk factors. This report is an update covering the period from 1995 to 2017

Joint Suicide Prevention Strategy Canadian Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Canada

The National Defence and Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) have developed this Joint Suicide Prevention Strategy. The Strategy defines the context for action, describes the goals upon which actions are focused, and shows the many programs, projects, and initiatives now underway to help reduce risks, build resilience in our CAF and Veteran communities, and prevent suicide among our military members and Veterans.

2017 Veteran Suicide Mortality Study (1976 to 2012) 

This report aims to identify the extent to which suicide mortality affects the Veteran population compared to the CGP, identify specific age groups at risk, and examine any temporal trends from 1976 to 2012.



CAMH Compilation of Resources

In honour of Remembrance Day, CAMH compiled a list of resources on mental health and the Canadian Armed Forces, including resources for veterans and their families. 



Mental Health and Well-Being of Military Veterans during Military to Civilian Transition: Review and Analysis of the Recent Literature. 

In this report, annotated results are presented for the 306 articles according to their primary research domain. Existing literature reviews are identified and reviewed. Current conceptual frameworks for military to civilian transition are also identified and presented. Strengths and gaps in the literature are noted and recommendations are given for future research. Recommendations include addressing the need for better coordination of research efforts, language, and priorities within and between nations. An agreed upon conceptual framework is required to inform knowledge gap analysis, as is an accepted taxonomy for organizing the research. It is recommended that a formalized international research institute be established to facilitate dialogue and collaboration.


CANADIAN ARMED FORCES Clinician Handbook on Suicide Prevention

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