If you are experiencing sucidal thoughts and need to speak with someone please call or text Talk Suicide Canada | Text 45645 | Call 1.833.456.4566.

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Women’s Place Resource Centre

Women’s Place Resource Centre

Their mission is dedicated to the well-being and economic status of women in the Kings, Annapolis and Digby Counties.

They work with communities to achieve this mission through a variety of Services as well as creating a safe place for women to gather, share, grow and be.

The Woman’s Place Resource Centre serves Digby, Annapolis and Kings County and is located at
228 St. George St., Annapolis Royal, NS
Office hours are Monday to Thursday 9am to 4pm.


Phone: (902) 532-1898
Toll Free: (877) 392-8800

E-MAIL: [email protected]

Website: https://annapolisroyal.com/businesses/womens-place-resource-centre/


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