If you are experiencing sucidal thoughts and need to speak with someone please call or text Talk Suicide Canada | Text 45645 | Call 1.833.456.4566.

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CMHA NS Division’s Mental Health Resource Guide is now available

Looking for mental health resources? CMHA NS Division can help!

CMHA NS Division’s Mental Health Resources Guide is now available. This is an inclusive, comprehensive guide to mental health services, supports and resources across Nova Scotia. It is intended to provide detailed information about mental health services, supports and resources, and related information.

This guide is intended for all Nova Scotians, and is updated quarterly.

View, download, or print the Mental Health Resources Guide for Nova Scotia,  Mental Health Resources – Summer 2021

Are we missing anything? If you know of a resource we should include, please email Lindsay Miller, Education and Training Program, Awareness Coordinator at [email protected]

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