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Recorded by psychiatrist, Dr. Eva Adriana Wilson.


What is CMHA NS’ plan?

As community mental health providers’ CMHAs in Nova Scotia are committed to keeping our communities, clients, and safe and our services supportive and welcoming.

CMHA NS is following the direction and recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Government of Nova Scotia, Department of Health & Wellness.

CMHAs in Nova Scotia has/will:

⇒ actively support the calm and care of Nova Scotia in the mist of the pandemic crisis through the on-going provision of accurate information (virtual information HUBs, regular posting of social media updates, health and mental health information navigation and support, etc.)

⇒ actively support the health and mental health of staff and respect staffs’ need to work home as a social isolation measure or to support the care and wellness of children and aging family members

⇒ cancelled all education-training and awareness-sponsored community events for the foreseeable future

⇒ encourage pandemic hygiene care

⇒ engage in social distancing practices when delivering community-based non-clinical mental health & addictions services and supports

⇒ actively monitor and track the health status of its staff, clients and linked collaborative care community partners and groups (see tracking form)

⇒ provide non-clinical psycho-social emergency response support services to off-set the current demands placed on the formal health care system and emergency – first responders in Nova Scotia

⇒ explore and implement new and innovative methods for the provision of front-line services that will ensure the safety of our staff while providing welcoming client centric quality of life mental health services (housing, employment, food security, social connectivity, mental illness community outreach services and supports, and resilience based-programs) and community centric trauma informed psycho-social wellness supports and services in support of the Mental Health of All Nova Scotians.

Due to the constant evolving nature of COVID-19, CMHA NS engages Nova Scotians to regularly visit the Government of Nova Scotia’s Novel Coronavirus web page to access accurate and timely information and guidance for Nova Scotia individuals, businesses, and communities

⇒ For Alerts and Notices see:

⇒ COVID-19 Testing and Data see:

⇒ When to seek help?, see:

⇒ Travel Advise, see:

⇒ NS Government Response to COVID-19:

⇒ Latest News:


 A message from NS Power

A message from the Mental Health Commission of Canada: Mental Health Commission of Canada - Help Flatten the COVID-19 curve

Temporary service and facility closure notices from Nova Scotia Health Authority:

NS Government COVID-10 Update: NS Gov COVID Update

Resources for child, youth, family, & care provider:


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